iPhone Photo Tips for Your Etsy Listings

Many people are purchasing smartphones rather than cameras these days. You may be wondering if your iPhone can be used for your Etsy listings’ images. Yes! It’s really easy to take amazing photographs with your phone and you can even edit them on the same device. The “Sell on Etsy” smartphone app makes it a breeze to upload product photos made on your iPhone. Here are some suggestions for taking the best product photos with your phone- with a few organization tips included too!

1. Take a lot of photos.

When doing product shots it’s best to take a bunch of photos and then narrow it down from there. Sometimes you only get one or two really good pictures, but those can be really amazing and you’re going to be using them for years to come. Photos are so important for Etsy listings because that’s the first way your items will be noticed, so you must be selective with those you use. The amount of photos to take varies by your product type and if you are using models, etc. Take a bunch and then you can sort through them later.

2. Make sure you have enough light.

Natural light that isn’t too bright is ideal for product shots. The time and location for taking your photos will vary a bit depending on what you make. You may prefer to use a tabletop light tent for photographing small jewelry items, while winter knit scarves would look great photographed outside. Just make sure you have a good amount of light, no deep shadows, and that the camera is in focus.

3. Edit your photos on your smartphone.

The iPhone photo app has an amazing editing feature. You can crop, rotate, brighten, adjust contrast, etc. right on the photo by clicking the button with three lines at the bottom. There are also many photo editing apps available for the iPhone. Some of them are free and others you have to purchase. Just remember not to use any filters or app features that aren’t for commercial use for your product photos.

4. Use props sparingly.

Props can really enhance a photo if they aren’t too large or distracting. Again, it totally depends on what you are making, but items like soap can look really beautiful with some delicate framing by plants and stones. But if your items are tiny and the props are really overwhelming it can confuse potential customers. You want Etsy shoppers to immediately know what you’re selling. Experiment with different props and arrangements until you find what works best for your products.

5. Don’t zoom in too close.

It’s better to take your photos from a little farther away than to zoom way in on the camera feature. This will make the photo itself less detailed and more pixelated. You can always zoom in and crop later in the editing process. The more space you have to change the angle and to crop your photo, the easier it is to improve- so resist the urge to zoom in!

6. Create albums for your product photos.

Organizing your pics will make it really easy to find them when they’re needed. Create new folders in the “Albums” section of the Photos icon on your iPhone. You can sort out your product shots in your own way, naming each album and selecting photos to go in them. Then when you’re creating listings on Etsy you can find the right photo to upload very quickly!

7. Delete the pics you won’t use.

This might sound obvious, but getting rid of the outtakes you won’t use will keep your photos organized. The less pics you have to sort through, the better. Delete them as you go along to clear up space. But only get rid of those images that you know aren’t useful for your business’ purposes, and save all the rest in the albums you create.

What other suggestions do you have for photographing your products to list on Etsy?

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