Should You Offer Samples of Your Products at Craft Shows?

Lots of vendors hand out samples at craft shows. It’s an easy way to draw in shoppers and entice them to try your products. I mean, who doesn’t like a sample when they’re shopping?! But is it right for your handmade business to give them out at a show? This depends on what kind of items you make as well as a few other factors. Here are some things to consider before your next craft fair or other event!

What do you make?

You should consider offering samples if you make food products (like chocolates), bath and body items (like soaps) or even supplies (like yarn you’ve spun). These types of items are unique in this way, as opposed to jewelry which is hard to let the customer try a bit of at shows. Samples can be anything from a mini bar of soap to an individually wrapped candy.

Are you permitted to give out samples?

Before you hand out samples of your products always make sure it’s okay with the organizer. If you’re doing a show at a boutique they may not be allowed to serve food or there might be a separate area to leave samples at a big show. It’s best to learn all the parameters when you’ll be giving away your handmade products.

How large is the event?

Also factor in the cost when deciding whether or not you can afford to give out samples. If you make individually wrapped candies that wouldn’t be too much expense, but individual cake pops might get pricey. Go with what works for your business. You want to make sure your samples don’t cancel out any profit you’ll make from sales that day.

Do you like getting samples at local craft fairs and events?

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