5 Unexpected Items to Use in a Craft Show Display


Whether you’ve been doing craft shows for a while or are just getting started, there is always room to improve your booth display. If you want to add some color, dimension, or texture to your space there are many low-cost or even free options. Crystals, picture frames, and even plants are some of my favorite unusual items to use at craft shows. Let’s look at a few ways to utilize these materials in your booth!


5 Unexpected Items to Use in a Craft Show Display

1. Picture Frames

Frames are perfect to use in a craft fair display! They can show off necklaces or earrings, highlight a price-list, or even hold up a sign promoting your handmade business. You can buy picture frames new or check out secondhand stores for used ones that you can refinish or paint. One easy way to use them is to string wires across the middle from which you can atttach small items.  You’ll definitely draw attention to your products with the surrounding frame!

2. Plants and Flowers

Fresh or dried flowers, potted succulents, and other plants can add some “life” to your booth. They provide texture and color while also giving customers an idea of how to display your products in their own home. Alternatively, fake flowers and plants also make great props and you can reuse them for many shows. Faux plants can last for years if you treat them with care!

3. Clothespins

Clothespins are simple, inexpensive, and really useful for showing off items at your craft fair booth. I’ve used them to dangle products like my handmade mittens from a clothesline, and they’ve also come in handy for holding up signs and pinning back tablecloths. Basically, they’re a great thing to have in your craft show “toolbox.”

4. Crystals and Rocks

Beautiful minerals and rocks can elevate the look of your booth display. For example: if you make elegant silver jewelry, contrast it by placing chunky amethyst crystals nearby. Natural stones and minerals can add an elegant and earthy touch to your table. You can purchase them at hobby shops, mystical stores, and any many other places.

5. Tree Branches

Branches are another natural material, and they will almost always be free (or at least inexpensive!). Be sure to only use twigs that are clean, smooth, and free of any sharp parts in your display. You probably don’t want it to look like an actual forest in your booth, so don’t go overboard with the branches. Incorporate a few into your look, either just for display or to actually hold your work. Keep in mind they might not last for repeated use unless they are dried and treated.

What other unusual props do you use for your craft show booth?

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