Best Commercial Laundry Carts

If you run a small hotel, uniformed-based business, a restaurant, or any other business where you do a lot of laundry, a commercial-grade laundry cart is essential.

A quality laundry cart will help move large amounts of dry and wet garments thus saving you and your employees valuable time and effort. This means they do not have to lug around dirty laundry, which makes it hygienic. And when it is wet, they will not have to carry the heavy load.

When you have the right tool, the job you are doing becomes that much easier. And if you happen to do a lot of laundry in your business, a commercial-grade laundry cart will make this possible. Here are some of the best commercial laundry carts for your business.


Best Commercial Laundry Carts


Rubbermaid Collapsible X-Cart

Top Pick: With the load capacity of up to 220 pounds, this collapsible cart will haul a lot of laundry. And when you are not using it, the collapsed size is 75% smaller. It is made with a solid stainless-steel powder coated frame that will not rust along with the premium swivel caster wheels with bumper guards for easy maneuverability. You can also get a cart cover and replacement bags as needed.

Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart, Steel, 8 Bushel Cart

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CART&SUPPLY Coin Laundry Cart

Runner Up: This cart has a premium steel construction with a dual support valet bar for loading and unloading the laundry. The wheels (patent pending) are covered to protect against threads and other fabric from getting tangled. And impact-resistant covers protect corners and rims from run-ins with machines, walls, and other objects.

CART&SUPPLY Coin Laundry Cart, Heavy Duty, Rolling Cart

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Seville Classics Commercial Canvas Laundry Hamper

Best Value: With a capacity of 100 pounds, this is a small form factor laundry cart for heavy-duty commercial use. It has a tubular steel frame and polyester canvas laundry bag with reinforced opening and thick canvas handles. A tapered square feet design keeps the four wheels within the body to avoid damaging them.

Seville Classics Commercial Heavy-Duty Canvas Laundry Hamper with Wheels

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Cart&Supply Commercial Cart with U-Handle

Coming from the same company as the runner up, this cart has the same premium construction. This includes the steel construction and the patent-pending axel-guard wheels. The difference is, this unit has a large U- handle to push the cart around easily.

Cart&Supply Heavy Duty Household & Commercial Cart with U-Handle

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Whitmor Commercial Removable Liner

The design of this round laundry cart is ideal for small hotels, B&Bs and salons. It has a strong chromed metal frame with commercial grade swivel wheels. The bag has fabric tab fasteners instead of Velcro for added security. And it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which has been in business for 70 years.

Whitmor Round Commercial Removable Liner and Heavy Duty Wheels

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8 Bushel Capacity Laundry Truck

This is yet another heavy-duty cart. It is made with a powder-coated steel frame and welded construction. The bag is a durable vinyl/nylon laminate liner with fire retardant and steel grommets to attach it to the cart. The swivel casters include two fixed and two swivel wheels.

8 Bushel Capacity Laundry Basket Truck

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Rubbermaid Commercial Laundry Cube Truck

The medium-density polyethylene material of this cart sits on a diamond caster pattern so you can easily move it around. At 50 pounds it is heavy, but it is designed for long-lasting heavy-duty use. This design will ensure nothing leaks out of the laundry cart. It also protects what is inside from getting wet.

Rubbermaid Commercial MDPE 102.9-Gallon Laundry and Waste Collection Cube Truck

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Choosing Your Commercial Laundry Cart

As a small business, value is a must with each purchase. Whether it is a laundry cart or another product, it must work well and last a long time. When buying a laundry cart, look at these features to ensure you are making a well-informed purchase.

  • Size: How much laundry is your business handling? Based on this you should look at carts that can cope with the workload. You should do this considering you need a place to store and move the dirty and clean laundry around.
  • Durability: Quality construction with steel frames is a must. Make sure to also look for replacement options for the bag and other parts.
  • Mobility: Look for good quality wheels that are covered so they do not get any cloth, lint or thread tangled in them.
  • Style: Laundry carts come in all shapes and sizes. If the cart is going to be part of your customer-facing equipment choose a nice-looking cart. If on the other hand, it is going to remain in the laundry room, it can be utilitarian, which means you will probably pay less.
  • Cost and Warranty: Depending on how much you spend on your laundry cart, the warranty will become an issue. Look for a reputable brand that provides a warranty if you spend a lot of money on your cart.

When you are ready to buy a laundry cart lookout for these features and suggestions so you will end up with the best equipment for your business.


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