Beat The Blogging Blues

Does the thought of blogging fill you with dread? Perhaps you stare at the computer screen for hours trying to come up with something, anything, with which to grow your online presence. If either scenario sounds familiar, take a deep breath and keep reading. We’ve put together some tips to help you get over those blogging blues.

Blogging Basics

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  • First, find your topic. Make sure that whatever you choose isn’t too broad, but have some fun and find something you like! Picking a topic you enjoy will allow your passion to shine. When using your blog to promote your creative business, that enthusiasm will be a draw for potential customers.
  • Once you’ve chosen something to write about, an outline will make the blog post much easier to write. Take your topic and try and narrow it down to some salient points with which to frame your blog post. You can use those points as body paragraphs, a list, or subsections in which you can give further information about each bullet point.
  • Outlining your blog post based around those key points will lessen the difficulty of writing the post. However it won’t do much good if you don’t hook your readers early. Make your headline attention-grabbing and make your beginning paragraph so enticing that readers just have to keep reading till the end.
  • Speaking of the end, be sure to finish strong! If your readers have spent time and energy reading your blog posts, a good conclusion will ensure that time was well spent. Ending with a call to action or a thought-provoking question will encourage your readers to engage with what you’ve written and what you have to offer.

Now you’ve outlined, written up your content, and uploaded the content. So you’re ready to send that freshly made blog post into the world, right?

Not quite.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

When you think you’ve finished, take fifteen minutes’ break and double-check everything again. There’s always one last typo that slips the eye. Readers will take a blog post seriously when it’s crisp and error-free, and it looks bad for your business and your image when you publishing a blog entry that’s full of mistakes.

Additional suggestions:

  • Have images for your post; readers tend to balk at huge blocks of text.
  • Check out this outline for detailed blogging suggestions.
  • Brush up on good SEO practices so your blog can be found on more easily on search engines.


Do you blog for your creative business? How will you make your posts stand out?

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