Pricing Your Handmade Goods for Craft Shows

How to price your items is a common source of confusion when handmade artists are starting to sell at craft shows. Not just business-wise (how much to charge to make a decent profit?) but also physically (what’s the best way to label my products?). Let’s look at the different aspects of pricing- from tagging to selling your goods.

Label Items Clearly

At a craft event you always want to make the price of your products easy to find for customers. You can use individual tags, small signs, or make a price chart. I prefer a chart with a list of my items and the cost, but it’s up to you depending on what kind of items you make. If you sell plush stuffed animals it wouldn’t always be easy to individually mark each one, but if you sell necklaces it might be easier. Make sure to write clearly and have all your tags attached before the show- it can be very stressful to try to label when setting up.

Extra tip: Also be sure to indicate on your chart or general signage if sales tax is included or not in your posted prices. Many shows actually require you to display this information, so include it to be on the safe side.

Keep Consistent Pricing

Another issue I see raised often about shows is if prices should be the same as those in your online shop. There are many pricing formulas available for handmade products and it’s an individual decision, but I would always recommend consistency across all of your revenue streams, including craft shows. For example, if a customer takes your business card and then looks at your online prices later and they are way cheaper, they might be annoyed you were charging more at the event. Or a store owner that sells your products on consignment might attend the show and see you’re undercutting the prices you have at their shop. If someone is buying multiple items it’s okay to give them a little discount, but for individual purchases try to keep them priced the same across the board.

Offer Specials

While I think pricing should be the same amongst your various selling channels, it’s okay to have a special deal just for craft shows. If you want to do a “buy 3 get 1 free” or a gift with purchase, that’s a great way to encourage sales. Prominently market the promotion in your booth with signage, and be ready to tell customers about your show special!

Extra tip: Encourage attendance at your craft show by promoting your offer on social media beforehand.

What other pricing tips do you have for a craft show or event?

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