Facebook Newsroom – Let’s Talk About Why Personalized Ads Matter

why personalized ads matter

Almost half (47%) of small businesses are saying they don’t know if they’ll survive the next six months.

Facebook says it is coming to the rescue with an initiative and product updates designed to get small businesses through the pandemic.

The national campaign, ‘Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found’ will highlight the importance of personalized ads for people and businesses.

It was preceded Feb 24 by a small press roundtable with Head of Facebook Company Marketing Andrew Stirk. Helen Ma, Director, Facebook App Monetization, was also there.

They were joined by small business owners sharing their stories.

Brent Leary, a partner at CRM Essentials, was all in.

“There is so much coming at people today,” he says. “It’s only going to get tougher because of all the noise out there. But personalized ads can be a great way to capture the attention of your target audience.”

Facebook Highlights Personalized Ads for Small Business

Leary explained the importance of personalized ads.

“You’re able to speak directly to a current need/want they have right at that moment. And that gives you a fighting chance to turn that moment into an opportunity,” he says.

The initiative is only the starting line. Facebook is also introducing product updates for small businesses looking to get into the recovery race, like a simplified version of Ads Manager.

The new streamlined dashboard will help business owners understand and optimize their campaigns. This is the tool for creating ads on Messenger, Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook is also waiving the fees for small businesses selling using Checkout on Shops. That will last until June. The same goes for paid online events until August.

There are also some changes made to Businesses Nearby with restaurants in mind. The new options will help those in the pandemic battered industry note the type of dining experience they offer. There’s also a new way to upload their menu to their Pages.

The Professional Dashboard on Instagram and the Business Resource Hub on Facebook are both getting tweaks as well.

Leary gave the extra boost to struggling businesses the thumbs up.

“It must feel like it’s been ten years for the small businesses who have managed to survive a year with COVID-19,” he says. “I believe in Facebook’s efforts to minimize costs while providing simplified tools for finding new customers can be the difference.”

To that end, Facebook’s #DeserveToBeFound hashtag should act as a rally point.

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